Tax Advisory

German Tax Law is a complex area – and is subject to continious changes! Driven by globalisation and growing international trade, law makers react with ever more complicated regulations – and which concern not only the „global players“, but also and especially the small and middle sized businesses. In essence, tax authorities propose to secure their tax revenues in this environment in three ways:

  • more complex tax regulations, which can hardly be understood by the taxpayer themselves and which, in their relevant economic consequences, are only overlooked by experts
  • Increasing digitization of the taxation procedure for cost-efficient financial management. This means that tax duties rarely may be fulfilled simply „on paper“, but more and more on defined electronic routes (Do not worry, we will gladly handle this for you!).
  • more and more of a tense gait in tax field audits

And tax law is becoming increasingly international. VAT has already been harmonized in the European Union – and disputes are ultimately decided by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.
You see: A task for specialists. We would be pleased to advise you on all tax matters – with in-depth knowledge and qualified service.

For entrepreneurs

The dream of one’s own enterprise, the dream of professional independence, i.e. of the great possibility that our economic system offers dedicated women and men with a marketable idea, is feasible.
The opportunity as a tradesman or freelancer to find an existence and perhaps to earn more than others, but also the risk to compete in a free market as an active competitor and thereby being obliged to obey the manifold restrictions of tax and social policy, is a real challenge for dynamic people.
Anyone who establishes his or her own entrepreneurial existence already makes a significant impact on the company’s development during the initial decisions.

Our business start-up service provides you with a secure basis for assessing the profitability of the project and will help you to optimize your earnings outlook.

Services for entrepreneurs

  • Analysis and evaluation of market data
  • Analysis and evaluation of personal, material, legal and financial requirements
  • Support for the creation of the company concept and the business plan
  • Preparation of required applications in connection with your start-up
  • Choice of the tax-optimized legal form
  • Investment and profitability calculation taking into account tax factors
  • Identification of public funding and financial aid
  • Profitability forecast for the first to third year
  • Taxable permissible contracts
  • Risk Demarcation
  • Technical commentary on the business start-up project

For private persons

It is almost impossible for private individuals to get an overview of the possibilities of legal tax planning. The tax burden has a major impact on private assets. Likewise, the regulation of inheritances includes tax aspects, which are of great importance. We see ourselves as your guide through the „jungle of law“ and you will surely pass the narrow way of a coherent optimization of tax and civil law aspects.

Services for private individuals

  • Preparation of tax declarations
  • examination of tax assessments
  • Negotiations with the financial authorities
  • Advice on wage tax and social insurance issues
  • Preparation of liquidity and tax planning with the purchase of real estate and other investments


  • Wills and gifts
  • Advice on asset formation
  • Preparation of the list of assets
  • Identification of the succession of assets
  • Inheritance tax planning